Help others is easy when we are together

December 2019, Maersk Crewing Ukraine

Every year, Maersk Crewing Ukraine Team performs diverse business tasks, at the same time we also ask ourselves how we as an organization could help and support those who are in need. Our company encourages and inspires colleagues ashore and at sea to act together, exchange ideas and to spread our values and our vision.

This year was no exception as we were guided by a primary goal - to help children who are in need. We have searched for reliable partners who could navigate us through the deep waters of local bureaucracy, narrowing our efforts to one special school and formulating their needs. Luckily, we have met highly engaged and dedicated team of Charitable Foundation “Monsters Corporation”, who suggested to focus our initiation on Ananiev boarding school for children who suffer mental diseases and muscular-skeletal system disorder as from the very early stage of their life.

These children are aged from three to thirty-five and are brought up in this boarding school, many of them have no parents, some cannot walk and even talk, and every single day they struggle against the disease. Their daily routine should include a lot of physical trainings and exercises to restore cognitive functions and neuro-muscle system. Every day, with the help of specialists, they make small steps learning how to speak, walk, eat and play.

Getting to know more about the primary needs of this school and the children we assisted with purchasing of special equipment, which is highly needed for developing motor skills and brain functions. Also, we have assisted with vaccination against influenza.

Yet it was only a start, we have engaged Ukrainian seafarers and their families to combine our efforts in making the life of these unique children a bit happier and daily routine a bit brighter. We had no doubt that there will be a response from our sea colleagues and their families, but we did not expect that the amount of gifts, toys, games, sports equipment, cloths, books will be so massive.

The 13th of December started with a rush and excitement as our team was heading to this school looking forward to personally meet the children. The bus was full of gifts and presents and after 3 hours driving we were met by the Director of the school, who has devoted more than 30 years of her life to this institution and its pupils.

The excitement was not only among us as the children knew about the visit long in advance, had prepared a welcome presentation, were playing games and signing songs with us. We were rare guests for them as they are not visited very often, which is why the time we spent there was so precious, valued and extremely appreciated. Our new friends were so genial and happy to see us and communicate in their own way, their eyes and smiles deeply touched us and this day will remain in our memory.

We would like to say a huge Thank you to our seafarers - without your help, this visit to those in need would not be possible. It is so easy to help others and make them happier when we act together!

Homeless animals - ńare they need, love they deserve

September 2019, Maersk Crewing Ukraine

Our Company is known not only as the biggest shipping company in the world, but also as a good corporate citizen. Local Ukrainian Manning Office eagerly supports and gladly proves that initiating various charity events for orphaned children, family days and environmental care activities together with Maersk Line seafarers and their families.

Back in June our Team has announced a charity event aimed at helping homeless animals, who are suffering from abusive behavior and lack of support, whose fate is mainly in the hands of volunteers and empathic people. For three months we have been collecting voluntary assistance from our seafarers, such as food and medicines; and have been visiting various animal shelters handing over this “precious cargo” to those who needed it most, what was also extremely appreciated is our attention, love and care, hugs and kisses, a chance to play with and full around. In total we managed to help 22 shelters.

And as the final stage of this important event was our participation and partnership in “Home Me Fest” Charity Festival which was held in Odesa for the 4th time in the end of September. This festival is arranged by Ukraine-wide online service of animals’ adoption, the main purpose of which is to search for families for animals from shelters. During 2 days of the festival 74 homeless animals have found new families and a chance for a better future. Though there are much more waiting for us to help them.

We are grateful to our Company and the Team for making it possible, engaged seafarers and their families for stepping out of their comfort zone, responding to our initiation and joining us. The opportunity to take part in such a meaningful event allows us to reveal our social potential, go beyond the scope of our purely professional activity, gives us the opportunity for acquiring new skills, socializing and networking. Not mentioning the happy feeling that a good deed gives you and the ocean of joy in the eyes of our little friends.

By acting together, we can make our life a bit brighter and someone’s life a bit happier.

Maersk Family day

June 2019

Ukrainian Manning Office had the pleasure to invite the seafarers and their relatives for the Maersk Family day on the 07th of June 2019. The summer merrymaking took place in the picturesque wildlife park where the guests met a lot of animals such as ostriches, monkeys, turtles, rabbits, pigs and others. All event participants were met by a cup of sweet tea with a bun – having had a bite, it is high time for adventures! Children met the heroes of cartoons and movies – a Princess Sofia, a Doll Lol, Super-cat and Batman – and here the fun started: dances, competitions, jokes and happy children’s laughter.

The excursion around the park brought us plenty of positive emotions – it is exciting to discover the world of animals, to have an opportunity to touch and feed them.

It was the pleasure for our seafarers to meet the co-workers and friends onshore in the relaxed and family atmosphere, to introduce their wives and kids and enjoy the sunny summer day.

More than that, having the competitive Maersk spirit our seafarers and family members participated in a range of games such as tug-of-war, a giant jenga, darts. Have you ever tried to guess the puzzle, and afterwards to build a word in a team by turning around and displaying a letter on your cube costume? We did that, and though the task was not easy, we managed to train the brain and body and compose many words within two minutes.

And in the end of this great event, the photo of big Maersk Family!

10th Anniversary in the Company: proud to be a part of the Maersk family!

February 2019

Maersk Crewing Ukraine Team had a great pleasure to host first 10th Anniversary dinner in 2019. We sincerely congratulate our officers and honored them with the memorable gifts from the Company. The evening was held in a friendly warm atmosphere, we have thanked our crew for their continuous contribution to our common goals and objectives. As a final note of our event, we have made a collective photo to save the memory of this evening.

Another great celebration of 10th Anniversary with Maersk Line

October 2018

Our team had a pleasure to host the last 10th Anniversary event this year. In total we have congratulated 67 Officers in 2018, expressed our appreciation and gratitude for their hard work, professionalism and loyalty for all those 10 years of co-operation and service on board Maersk Line fleet. It is a great pleasure to celebrate such events as one team together with the families of our seafarers.

2O Bespalko

3E Vaysman

CE Remzin

CE Verson

CO Padalka

CO Sharoglazov

CPT Zemlyanoy

EE Davydov

EE Mayor

EE Skorokhodov

Day of Joy in the Green Theatre

August 2018

Maersk Crewing Ukraine has recommended itself as a company that actively participates in charity. The end of summer is always a slightly sad time, especially for children, because ahead is a new school period. And this year we have decided to change the format a bit – instead of visiting the orphan children at their schools it was agreed to invite 100 children from 3 boarding schools from Odessa region to come to Odessa – the Green Theater, where we have arranged a Day of Joy with a lot of master-classes, interaction, gifts and entertainment.

We would not be able to arrange this event ourselves without a great support from the charity Foundation "Good Samaritan", that has a huge experience in arranging similar activities and our seafarers, who always actively respond to such initiations. Maersk Team tried to paint one day of these children into bright colors and add something, they might lack in their everyday life — human warmth, attention and support.

After arrival and nice breakfast, the children rushed into various workshops.

Special treat to the children brought culinary master-class. All tried very hard and wanted their cake to be the best and most delicious.

In addition to cooking, children got very interested in “face art”.

Not only little kids are studying in boarding schools but teenagers also. There were separate groups of girls and boys for whom we have organized individual workshops of interest. Braiding, sewing, caricatures and flowers fascinated girls and they eagerly participated and helped each other.

The boys immediately liked Karate class, where they had the opportunity to see how to defend themselves and to train a bit.

Also, there was a unique chance to see in real life police, emergency aid and firefighting cars, to talk to policemen, doctors and firemen.

Our team spent a whole day communicating, interacting, sharing positive vibes and genuine emotions with our “little guests”.

Closer to the end of the day the children had a chance to taste personally cooked lunches, happily leaving Odessa with lots of gifts and good feelings.

We would like to express the gratitude to our seafarers who volunteered to participate with us. On this day, they came with their families, brought a lot of gifts, spent their time with the children, sharing their experience and knowledge, trying to make these day special and memorable.

                                   C/E Mitroshenko with his wife and C/E Kryzhanovskyi Volodymyr                              C/O Karetnikov Yaroslav
                                                                                                  Maersk Crewing Ukraine Team

10 years with Maersk – Time for great celebration

July 2018

With proudness and appreciation Maersk Crewing Ukraine Team was happy to invite Maersk Line Officers for celebration of their 10th anniversary of being a valuable part of Maersk family. The number of jubilees celebrating the anniversary of cooperation with Maersk is becoming more and more with every day and it became the tradition to organize the dinner to honor our seafarers.

During ten years our Officers have been dedicated to the safe operations onboard of blue vessels, have contributed a lot in the Company growth and at the same time the professional development of our crew resulted in their promotions in rank. It was exciting for our Officers to look back in the past, 10 years ago, and recollect their recruitment interview, the first assignment and the interesting stories happened during such a lengthy time period

The seafarers always receive the colossal support from their families whose smiles and words of encouragement make our crew feel their shoulder even being far away at the sea. It was great pleasure to see the closest persons accompanying our Officers at the anniversary dinner who have been standing side by side for 10 years, and we hope to celebrate more and more anniversaries together in the future.

To make this evening even more memorable, the Company presented to our Officers the gifts which will remind them about the wonderful evening for years.And as per tradition, to sweeten the evening the blue cake decorated the end of the anniversary dinner, and plenty of happy photos were taken to record the magnificent celebration of 10th anniversary with Maersk Line A/S.

Maersk Crewing Ukraine arranged Green Weekend to the benefit of Odessa

April 2018

A new alley of cherry blossoms trees was planted in the Pobedypark in Odessa on the 21st of April. It was a gift to our beautiful city from our seafarers and Maersk Line . Around 30 families united to plant 60 seedlings on this sunny day.

Such an event was not the first one in Odessa, as 3 years ago Maersk Crewing Ukraine staff and seafarers had planted 60 trees in Shevchenko Park. Company usually invites all our seafarers with their families to participate in such activity. And it is very remarkable, that even families of seafarers who are at sea now, join this event. It is a great opportunity to make something useful for the city together, to spend nice time and to meet old “sea” friends. Chief Officer Glib Petrachkov said, that he was happy to receive invitation and called the office at once to confirm his participation. He was glad to meet his colleagues and even classmates, whom he hadn’t seen for ages, as it is always hard to find time for such gathering during busy seafarers’ weekdays.

Head of Maersk Crewing Ukraine Anna Bereslavskaya highlighted, that such green days were not the only activity organized by the Company. Maersk Crewing Ukraine together with the seafarers also make donations for new equipment for medical centers and visit orphanages. Company keeps in touch with charity organizations and volunteers to know, how we can help to children in need. Also there is a box, which was placed in the office 5 years ago for donations for children suffered from oncological diseases. Anna Bereslavskaya says that their aim is to connect seafarerswho want to offer a helping hand and children, who need this help. Many people want to participate in charity, but they do not have time or opportunities for all arrangements, so Company unites them by such good intention.

Such weekend events have one more benefit: team work means communication and cooperation to make people cohesive. It helps a lot both to office staff and seafarers to understand each other better and to work together. Captain Ivan Naberezhnyy stated that Maersk is a huge and stable company, which pays a lot attention to safety and cooperation. It is important, that all information is easily accessible to each employee and each employee is heard and valued. Captain noticed, that there are a lot of innovations and modern techniques tested on board, and such events during leave period are very helpful to meet colleagues and to support Company’s values ashore.

This “green day”, arranged by Maersk Crewing Ukraine, was followed by an open-air buffet for all participants. And it is worth to note, that everything was arranged in eco-friendly manner : no plastic tableware was used. Each family got a small gift – grocery shopping bag in order to minimize plastic usage and remember this great sunny day.

10th Anniversary of Ukrainian officers with Maersk Crewing Ukraine

April 2018

Maersk Crewing Ukraine continues to congratulate seafarers with their 10th Anniversary in Maersk Group.

During the 2017 year more than 30 officers received honored gifts for their endeavors and contribution into development and prosperity of Maersk Team.

Every event spent with our seafarers allows us to delve deeper into their world, into their experiences and feelings. We are glad that many of our seafarers have started their long way from small to great in our company, itproves that we are trusted not only by the officers, but also by their families.

C/E Lysenko Valentyn together with his wife

                                                  2/E Savchenko Oleksiy together with his wife              C/E BashkatovSergii together with his wife

Last time our wonderful event took place on the 14th of December, in the lead-up to the New Year holidays. Seafarers together with their families where invited to celebrate this occasion in friendly and warm atmosphere. Our evening was full of impressions, fascinating stories and memories.

We are proud that such event combines our seafarers from different parts of mainland, and every year they become more – during 2018 we are going to congratulate more than 70 officers.

It`s a magnificent pleasure to know that Maersk brings together old friends. Two of invited seafarers became friends in Maersk and didn`t see each other for the last eight years. This evening was a destiny gift for them to see old friend and to share their challengers and success.Family members shared their impression and experience on family sailing, giving thanks to the company for this benefit.

All participants were honored with memorable gifts form the company. And as it was prior New Year holidays, we coincided congratulation with New Year children gifts delivery.

In the end of celebration Maersk Crewing Ukraine presented a big cake for all guests in tribute to their confidence, support and help.

Sweet gift from Maersk Crewing Ukraine

                                               CPT Skrynnikov Valerii and Anna Bereslavskaya,               CPT Batekhin Dmytro and Anna Bereslavskaya                                               Head of Maersk Crewing Ukraine
                                                  C/E Nykytin Denys and Anna Bereslavskaya               C/E Moiseenko Alexandr and Anna Bereslavskaya
                                                   C/E LiubymenkoVasyl and Anna Bereslavskaya               C/E FaychukTaras and Anna Bereslavskaya
                                                  C/E Sydorenko Andriy and Anna Bereslavskaya               C/O SavvovValeriy, Anna Bereslavskaya                                                                                                                                     and Tatyana Bondarenko, Maersk Line Crew Operator

C/E GaponovOleksandr with his wife, Anna Bereslavskaya and Tatyana Bondarenko

2/E Myronyuk Oleksiy with his family and Anna Bereslavskaya

But unfortunately not all of seafarers can attend our dinners. They are invited to visit our office to receive memorable gifts and greetings from Maersk Crewing Ukraine Team.

                                                  C/O Malynovsky Stanislav and MCU Team                     CPT Naberezhnyy Ivan and Anna Bereslavskaya

E/E Mindar Roman and Maersk Crewing Ukraine Team

C/E Stetsenko Maksym and Maersk Crewing Ukraine Team

C/E Kremenetskyi Viktor and Maersk Crewing Ukraine Team

E/E RedinVasyl and Maersk Crewing Ukraine Team

C/E Pugach Sergiy and Anna Bereslavskaya

It`s a good tradition to celebrate anniversaries together. We are waiting for a next one to «Thank you» one more time to our seafarers for their excellent work, cooperation and development.

Maersk Crewing Ukraine Team visits Maersk Karachi in Odessa port

January 2018

This Christmas Eve will be especially remembered by the team of Maersk Crewing Ukraine as we were lucky to visit Maersk Karachi that called Odessa port on the 05th of January 2018.

It was a great surprise for us to receive a cordial invitation from Captain Oleksiy Dubrov and we looked forward to the meeting with Maersk Karachi and her team onboard. Once we, the office ladies, managed to climb the ship’s ladder, we were met by the smiling crew members and here our exciting vessel excursion started.

Sea and shore teams onboard Maersk Karachi

Our guides were professionally prepared for this pleasure trip – at the start we were given the welcome booklets with the crew photos and the summary of outstanding vessel characteristics.

                 Welcome booklets for guests                                         Excursion to the engine room with C/E McLean and CPT Dubrov

Captain Dubrov and Chief Engineer McLean guided us from one deck to another, telling us with pride how powerful and impressive Maersk Karachi is. Indeed, the vessel engine amazed us with its size and capacity.

Captain Dubrov gave us a short lesson how to use onboard paperless maps – for example, how to identify different depth zones or to see another vessels around. Though we are not ready to navigate, at least yet, it is breathtaking to have a professional Captain of Maersk vessel as your teacher.

To feel a seafarer’s life, we visited the kitchen, the rest rooms and the gym. C/E McLean decided to involve the office staff in the crew fitness regime and we made a few exercises to test the gym equipment.

Sadly, but our vessel journey came to its end as it was time for beautiful Maersk Karachi to depart from Odessa port

We would like to thank you all crew of Maersk Karachi for heartfelt welcoming us onboard and the unforgettable excursion.

    Top2 of Maersk Karachi and MCU Team                                                                       A sweet gift to Maersk Karachi crew

10th Anniversary of Maersk Crewing Ukraine

September 2017

On the 6th of September, Ukrainian Manning Office celebrated its 10th Anniversary in Odessa, Ukraine.

Many guests and colleagues could join us for the wonderful occasion, though the main participants of course were Ukrainian seafarers and their families. 10 years ago Maersk Group made a decision to open its own manning agency in Ukraine, it considered to be promising area, due to geographical location and high potential of Ukrainian seafarers. It turned out to be the right step and reaching this milestone we can evaluate the progress and achievements. Our Ukrainian colleagues at sea proved to be hard-working, loyal, professional and ambitious. These are very good qualities and in line with our Company’s values and drive – to be the best. They have become a part of a big Maersk family playing their role in Company’s success and building the future. At the ceremony, we had a great opportunity to congratulate some of the Officers with their 10th Anniversary working in the Company as well.

Awarding of seafarers with their 10th Anniversary of employment in the Company

Starting the office with 3 employees, Maersk Crewing Ukraine was developing and growing together with their seafarers. During this period a massive recruitment process has been materialized and the pool of seafarers increased by four times, new areas of responsibility were assigned, such as Russia and Poland. The Manning Office plays an important role in talent development and career growth of the seafarers, assisting with required training/courses, discussing performance on board and ways of improvement, supporting along the promotion path.

Maersk Crewing Ukraine Team

Another area of interest and devotion of Maersk Crewing Ukraine is social and retention activity. Five years ago we arranged charitable event for local orphanage, reached out to our seafarers and their families hoping for their participation and facilitation. How happy and proud we were to found out that many of our colleagues joined us with huge enthusiasm. Till nowadays we keep this tradition organizing charitable events, collecting funds, planting trees in parks and a lot of other things with very active participation of seafarers and their families. It would not be possible to maintain without tremendous teamwork of the Manning Office staff.

Ukrainian seafarers and their families

Separate gratitude to our international colleagues who managed to visit us, sent congratulations, presents and event videos, to our seafarers who could not join us, but still sent congratulations from vessels. Such events are a wonderful opportunity to shorten the gap between shore and sea co-operation, to feel the atmosphere of one big family under Maersk star.

Congratulations from Henrik Sloth, Head of Marine HR
Cheers from Marie Cooper, Head of Manning Offices

Maersk Crewing Ukraine discovers interesting stories about seafarers’ hobbies

Maersk Crewing Ukraine, February, 2017
Everybody has some passion in the life, which helps to relax, to gain new skills and to develop one’s talent. Hobby is inalienable part of our leisure time, even if we think that we have no hobby, for sure we are interested in some sphere or have some uncommon skills. During daily routine and job related tasks we learn a lot of information about our seafarers: their documents, qualification and career. So when our seafarers share with us their hobby and we discover their talent – it is always a breath of fresh air for us, as we are proud of our seafarers and have no doubts that everyone is talented.

Continuing good tradition of our activities together with crew, we announced contest “My Hobby” in order to know our seafarers better and to get a lot of inspiration. To give a start and some enthusiasm for participants, we also shared stories and photos about our hobbies. It was great experience for us to receive stories and photos, as they brought us inspiration and demonstrated how interesting and amazing leisure time could be spent.

We would like to thank all participants and to share some photos of our winners with memorable gifts.

Chief Cook Arkhirieiev Tymur shared with us his story: he loves travelling all over the world, designing route by himself and hiking from one place to another by foot.

Chief Officer Generalov Maksym shared with us photo – his hobby is fishing. “No stories – only results!” he said.

Second Engineer Perederey Anton told us about his two hobbies: numismatics and history, which are perfectly combined, as now he is collecting Roman Empire coins.

And below we would like to share the story, which our Chief Officer Magerskyi Yuriy told us about his fascinating hobby. Hope you will enjoy it and will feel a lot of enthusiasm and passion. Who knows, maybe such stories can change someone’s life…


How pleasantly this word sounds! We spend almost all free time for it because it`s so nice. If I had “parallel 2-nd life” I`d spent it making yachting.

I never dreamed about racing machines, America`s Cup or pure sport itself. But moving across water surface using sails – what do these dry words like from physics handbook mean? Your head like on swivel is rotating left-right, up-down (looking on sails and on water), hand is holding vibrating tiller (it`s alive!) and you already never think where to move it (port? starboard?), same as you pick up or loose sheets - it`s already instinctively, foot (or both feet, depending on list) resting on opposite bank of cockpit, chilly wind with rain in face freezing or hot sun frying you without any mercy, in darkest night or brightest sun shine you are trying to see number on buoy or prominent marks on shore, white foam on high waves in fresh (or really heavy!) weather or glassy water overboard in calms inspire you with same power. “But you are crazy!” - say newcomer with eyes rounded like tea plates. “Yes, buddy, you are right, we are completely crazy! Join us!”

Modest crazyman in his present (not yet parallel ?) life made some sailing, about the most interesting one can read below (see story "Why people sail?").

Christmas gift from «Maersk Santa»

Maersk Crewing Ukraine, February, 2017
New Year is a special holiday, full of mystery, magic and unforgettable emotions. Every year Maersk Crewing Ukraine brings joy to our seafarers’ children as we want their eyes to sparkle receiving a Christmas gift from «Maersk Santa». This year we decided to plunge children into Maersk world and make them feel proudness for their fathers` work – we made wonderful Maersk puzzles.

It was a big challenge for our team to choose the best pictures, which would show all beauty and greatness of Maersk vessels. But we did it! We believe that gathering puzzles, children make up fairytale ships and waves in their childish imagination where Daddy is a maritime hero.

We started distribution of gifts two weeks before New Year, so all children found their presents under the New Year tree. Some of them visited our office with parents, and how it was pleasant to hear «thanks», to see their bright eyes and shining smiles.

Here you can see some photos of our young friends:

It was a great experience for us to find one more way to be closer to our seafarers, to be a Big Maersk family. Hope the next year our great team will make another step to full the world with children`s laugh and happiness.

Celebration of the 10th Anniversary with Maersk Line full of joy and surprises

August 2016
On the 25th of August 2016 Maersk Crewing Ukraine held the second Anniversary dinner in order to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Ukrainian seafarers’ employment with Maersk Line. Seafarers were invited with their families to ceremony dinner in honor of this occasion, which is really significant both for them and for Company, as 10 years of cooperation is a huge period of time with challenges, success and constant moving towards new horizons.

The event was fulfilled with friendly and positive atmosphere, a lot of memories were recalled from the past: seafarers told about their first steps within a Company 10 years ago and their feelings, when their story in Maersk family has just began. There were a lot of warm words and interesting discussions about the changes occurred during the 10 years period. It was great to see, that some seafarers become friend in Maersk, that they are open to share their experience and support each other with advice any time.
All participants were honored with memorable gifts from the Company. The appreciation was expressed to them for their hard work and to their families for support and encourage, which helped seafarers to overcome all challenges.

Seafarers also expressed their appreciation to the Company for smooth cooperation during these 10 years and everybody smiled, that such event should be repeated in future with the same participants, so it is time to start preparations for 50 years Anniversary.
Some seafarers made a surprise for Maersk Crewing Ukraine team: Chief Engineer Andriy Stakhanov and his wife brought tasty cake specially decorated for the celebration. And Chief Engineer Oleksandr Penkevych constructed model of Maersk airship named “Maersk Pearl” and presented it in Maersk Crewing Ukraine office.

We hope the good tradition of celebrating anniversaries together will be continued and we will meet each other in few decades again telling interesting stories and laughing.

Charity events as a good tradition in Maersk Crewing Ukraine

August 2016
With busy life, it can be hard to find time to volunteer. However, the benefits of volunteering are enormous for us and for those who need our help. Maersk Crewing Ukraine has started the charitable activities 4 years ago and we did not know what to expect from our first charity event, but we received a big support from our seafarers and their families then and henceforward.

Since December 2012 we met more than 500 children, who are orphans or disabled from 7 boarding schools. We are glad that we have possibility to support these children as they need it; we see it in their eyes every time during our visits.

Our last charity event was arranged in August 2016 and we purchased so needful school uniform, stationery and hygiene products for children from one of boarding school in Odessa region. It has been almost three years since we began taking care of this school that accommodates and provides education to 97 children from 6 to 17 years old. Previously we have come to this school twice to hand over the presents from the Company and our seafarers. In January this year we also invited the children for Christmas performance in the Theatre.

Believe we all had a good time and communication with the children made them happy. We noticed that boys from senior classes had a lot of questions to our seafarers as some of them dream to be a seaman in the future.
The charitable activities for our office staff, our seafarers and their families have become a good tradition already and now we receive more and more questions from our seafarers when and where next event will take place. Volunteering with a charity is a great way to meet people, enjoy time with them and it teaches us important values such as team work.

We would like once again to thank our seafarers and their families who volunteers together with us. We are very proud to have such people in our team, and this also inspires us to continue our charity events.

Seafarer’s life is so joyful and romantic, isn’t it? Maersk Crewing Ukraine Team visited Maersk Batam and found an answer.

June 2016

Seafarer's life is full of adventure and joy! It is so wonderful to discover new horizons furrowing deep blue waters around the world. It is common opinion of people from the shore. Sometimes we see only one side of coin, however the full picture is much deeper and complex.
Fortunately our staff had an opportunity to visit our vessel Maersk Batam in Yuzhny Port on 29th of May 2016. For sure, it was just a vessel visit, not full assignment, but anyway it was unique opportunity to see the vessel’s heart and to feel the vessel’s spirit.
View from the Bridge of Maersk Batam

We were met by Chief Officer Sergiy Krupskyy, who was our guide during this exciting visit. Once we stepped on board, we wondered how huge she is. No, firstly we were amazed how huge the gangway is. When you see vessels on the pictures or TV, you see just a transport for carrying a cargo, and containers attract more attention. You have no idea what is going on inside the construction. And by the way, Maersk Batam has 3,194 TEU capacity and is not the biggest vessel. Chief Officer smiled and said, that 3 months assignment is not enough to visit all premises and rooms on board. He guided us through the Bridge, different decks, library, conference room, laundry, food storage, galley, ship’s hospital. We were surprised, that vessel is a real multistory modern building and she has nothing common with ancient wooden ships with canvas from fairytales.

Maersk Crewing Ukraine Team with Chief Officer Sergiy Krupskyy

Room with Chief Engineer Vladimir Ledevich

Chief Engineer Vladimir Ledevich showed us the Engine Room and explained what the daily work consists of. Size and facilities of main engine and all equipment was impressive. We had opportunity to see some details closer in engine workshop and realized, how much physical power, intelligence and endurance are required for ship’s life.

Everything was new and amazing for us, but the thing which exceeded all our expectations most was vessel’s high-tech and discipline. Nowadays we are used to eco-friendly campaigns and slogans to protect environment, but how wonderful it is to see the real steps towards this aim. It was very interesting to know, that all water used onboard is desalinated, no waste or dangerous substances are heaved overboard and all garbage is separated everywhere on board, giving opportunity for recycling. It made us proud for our Company and its high standards, and at the same time it was great push to realize how important protection of environment is.

Maersk Batam calling Yuzhny port

So after our short trip on board of the vessel we can say, that seafarer’s life is truly full of adventure and joy, however it is also filled by risk, hard work, huge responsibility for life and safety of other people. There is no place for indifference or misbehavior, as vessel looks like independent country with its laws and rules, where every citizen’s performance is important for mutual result. Every seafarer deserves respect and the highest appreciation of his professionalism and daily work.

We are very thankful to the Company and to all crew of Maersk Batam for such a great opportunity and welcoming us on board. We are glad to become closer to the miracle of sea life!
MCU Team on board of Maersk Batam

Ukrainian Officers Celebrate their 10th Anniversary by Maersk Crewing Ukraine

May 2016
Maersk Crewing Ukraine had an honor to organize a celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Ukrainian Officers’ co-operation with Maersk Line and Maersk Tankers.

On the 20th of May 2016 the Officers were invited together with their spouses for the ceremony dinner.
Chief Engineer Leonov Viktor & Head of Maersk
Crewing Ukraine Anna Bereslavskaya
Chief Engineer Kryvolapov Volodymyr

Such an event is extremely positive for both sides: for Officers it is another prove of their high professionalism and compliance with high standards of the company, the company with such loyal employees can be characterized as stable, offering attractive employment terms and conditions, benefits for the sea staff and their families, providing environment for conductive career growth.
Electrical Engineer Fyedin Viktor
Electrical Engineer Yaremachenko Yevgen

For Maersk Crewing Ukraine Team such an event is even more joyful because it is for the first time and in 2016 we have first batch of Officers who have reached the 10th Anniversary of service in Maersk Group.
Electrical Engineer Koltsov Sergiy
10 th Anniversary dinner with Maersk Crewing Ukraine Team

The dinner was held in a very friendly atmosphere, happy moments and funny stories were recalled, taking us back to where it all started and through an exciting and challenging journey of the 10 years history; noticeable how the Company has been progressing and developing, implementing innovations and keeping the leader’s positions on the global market. The Officers were sincerely thanked and honored with words of appreciation and memorable gifts for their hard work, loyalty, engagement and support during their successful co-operation with the Company. Also special gratitude was expressed to the spouses and families of our Officers, for their tremendous support, wisdom and patience.

Great tradition has been started and we are looking forward to further events of 25th, 40th and 50th Anniversaries!

Maersk Crewing Ukraine's New Year Greetings for Boarding School Students

Maersk Crewing Ukraine Team , March 2016
New Year's Eve is the time when everyone feels happy and hopeful, and believes his or her wishes will come true. That is why shortly before that day Maersk Crewing Ukraine decided to share something good and magical with children who needed it most. So the company invited students from the boarding school in Andreyevo-Ivanovka to attend the premiere of New Year Tree's Unbelievable Adventures show at the Odessa Puppet Theater. A standing buffet and a selection of sweets were there to complement the entertainment program. Before the party ended, every child got a present from one of the Company's employees.
The show was attended by ninety students from grades 1 to 11 as well as seafarers who work in Maersk Group and their families. Santa Claus, the Snow Maiden and some other fairy-tale characters also came there for the young guests' joy.
That was not the first charity party organized by Maersk Crewing Ukraine. And Galina Kislova, the Deputy Headmaster for Discipline at the boarding school in Andreyevo-Ivanovka thanked the company for their continuous support.

"I would like to say thousand thanks to our sponsors for always adding some amusement and joy to our lives," said Galina Kislova. "They never forget about us, they visit us whenever there is a holiday and keep supplying the school with equipment, food and clothes."
To be more precise it has been almost three years since the company began taking care of the school that accommodates and provides education to orphans and children whose parents have been deprived of their parental rights. Previously, Maersk Crewing Ukraine came to the school twice to hand out presents and offer their own entertainment shows. And this year it was decided to invite the school to the Odessa Puppet Theater, for the students love taking group trips to Odessa which is really infrequent though. The company did everything beforehand, i.e. arranged for the ride to and from the show at the puppet theater, prepared the buffet and bought the presents. As the party neared its end the children were given toys and sweets, and the school got some stationery and hygiene products. Another present was a large plasma TV given to the school at the kids' request.

The Managers of the puppet theater were eager to cooperate and helped Maersk Crewing Ukraine to resolve some organizational issues and scheduled the event. "We had a lot of fun," said the fifth grader Andrey. "The hall was amazing. There were large and soft armchairs, lamps and beautiful decorations all over it. We kept laughing, especially when Santa told us jokes." Maersk Crewing Ukraine has made charity its individual budget item. Seafarers are also involved. They participate in the events and purchase what the children need on their own. The company's office uses a special-purpose box to gather funds that go directly to Charitable Trust “Pcholka” to be spent on treating cancer-stricken children.
"It's great to go out and watch interesting show” admitted the tenth grader Marina. "If we go someplace, especially when everyone's involved, we all feel the holiday spirit. So, that was a real New Year's Eve featuring Santa and sweets. The elementary students literally screamed with delight. We are so grateful to Maersk. We really appreciate it."

"Green day" with Maersk Crewing Ukraine

Maersk Crewing Ukraine Team , July 2015
Early spring this year has inspired many citizens of Odessa on good causes. Citizens were actively engaged in cleaning the park areas, redevelopment and planting of trees all over the town. Our company Maersk Crewing Ukraine could not stay away and decided to organize a joint celebration of "Green Day."
On April, 25 we invited our seafarers and their families to take part in the greening of the town and spend a good time together. 50 flowery trees (Catalpa) were purchased and have become a wonderful gift and a worthy decoration of our town.

All the trees were planted by us in city park “Shevchenko” near the Odessa port. This fascinating and nice event ended with a buffet and the awarding of "Honorary gardener" appreciation badges.
We often receive good feedback from our seafarers and their families about our initiatives and it is really very important for us. We also seek to maintain close and friendly contact with the seafarers, regardless of whether they are on holiday or on the sea.
Mutual celebrations of the holidays have become traditional for our seafarers and we hope that someday we will arrange joint event with our customers under foliage and shade of our trees.

Together for Charitable Cause

Maersk Crewing Ukraine Team , March 2015
Charity is much easier if done together, and we have proved it once again, thanks to the joint efforts of Maersk Crewing Ukraine and all of our seafarers.

Despite all that is happening in our country and that happened in the last year, Maersk Crewing Ukraine held 5 charity events in 2014 and we would like to share the results and photo on our website.

The last year made us understand how important it is to join our efforts to do good things, as it makes stronger both who helps and those whom we help. As in previous years, we help children who really need our care.

In April we visited the Andreyevo-Ivanovka orphan boarding school located 145 km from Odessa. Our choice was dictated precisely by the isolated location. The farther is the school from the regional center, the greater is the children’s need for our help and visits. We realized it as soon as we got on the access road to the orphan boarding school: this road was completely unsuitable for a car ride. But, of course, the emotions of the children and the joy in their eyes were worth our time and effort. We brought the children personal gifts; we purchased the necessary equipment, food, sporting goods etc. After our visit was over, we made a joint decision to buy 18 graduates of this school suits and dresses for the prom. We made friends with the orphans and we decided to come back to them in December and to bring them help and a bit of fun.

In December we also visited a girls’ boarding school in Krasnosiolka village, Odessa region. We had visited these girls with complex diseases of the hearing, vision, cerebral palsy and Down syndrome in March 2012 and that visit was impossible to forget, so we decided to visit them again, having consulted with the school principal about what the girls needed most. We brought them diapers, food, sweets and children’s creativity kits, as many of the girls have problems with walking and talking.

Last year we realized how important it was to go on visiting the same boarding schools, as many of the children remember us and they do not hide their emotions when we meet again. It is very important for them to know that someone thinks about them and comes to visit them again. The children’s emotions are always real and they inspire us to do more good things. We are glad that some of our seafarers join us in our visits.

We also would like to share with you our emotions after visiting the Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi rehabilitation center, a home for 35 children of school age. The children prepared for us a performance for St. Nicholas Day and they were genuinely excited about our arrival. It was our first visit to them and we realize that it could be our only meeting, as children can stay at this center for 90 days max. For this period, the court should decide on either to deprive the parents of their parental rights or to send the child to one of the boarding schools.

After visiting this center we also visited the Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi orphanage. It is a home for 85 babies and children up to 4 years of age. We bought them diapers, personal hygiene product and necessary educational material for preschool education.

We would also like to mention that last year we bought and delivered warm clothes for the children who had moved from the eastern regions of Ukraine. A part of the money from the fundraising box installed in our office, as before, we transfer for the treatment of children with cancer.

We are always open to initiatives and suggestions of our seafarers. For three successive years we have been getting their calls and letters with offers to help; we raise money at our office and transfer it to those who need it most.

We would also like to thank our seafarers for their understanding, as this year we canceled our annual joint celebration of the New Year’s Day and saved the money to spend them on charity in December.

We all hope for peace in the near future in our country and we will be glad to organize new events for our seafarers and their families from different cities of Ukraine.

We express our gratitude to all our seafarers and their families on behalf of all the children whom they gave a piece of happiness, joy and hope.

"Family Sailing" program - a great benefit!

By Marina Paladii, Maersk Crewing Ukraine, November 2014
Life at sea is a unique experience. Whilst seafarers come from all over the world, from different cultures, backgrounds and work in a shipping industry, they share many common experiences. Though there are a lot of benefits and advantages that come along with their profession, they have to be away from their homes and families very often and face the challenges that such parting might bring.
Our company offers a unique opportunity for the sea staff to stay closer with their families and take a part in “Family Sailing” program.
This year more than 20 families of Ukrainian officers used this benefit and were able to see their wives and children on board and spend some time with them. One of them was Galdina Olga, wife of Chief Officer Galdin Igor. She shared with us her thoughts and impressions:
“My husband has been working in Maersk from January 2008, almost 7 years. During this period I have heard a lot of stories about the ships, crew, teamwork on board and life at sea.
First time when I could experience that myself was back in 2009. My first trip to the ship was very memorable and thrilling at the same time – for the first time in my life I had to fly alone (Egypt, Suez Canal) and see the giant blue ship with white star. When I was approaching her, I couldn't believe my eyes – her dimensions were surprisingly enormous and impressive. I had really enjoyed the time onboard the ship – living onboard following a specific schedule, coming on the Bridge with my husband at night watches, sitting with a cup of coffee, watching the sky with stars – this is so romantic.

Galdina Olga in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

And at this very moment I'm writing about my impressions being onboard the largest container ship in the world – the Triple-E. This is my seventh trip, but this trip is the most memorable, not only due to the giant beauty – «Mogens Maersk» but also because our son joined the ship with me for the first time. He's 4 year old and is overwhelmed with emotions just like his mom. I'm looking forward to the next trips together with our son. Thanks a lot to Maersk for the given opportunities. MAERSK became already a part of our life.”

Also we asked Irina Pereverza, wife of Chief Officer Mykola Pereverza, about her impressions and emotions:

Irina and Mykola on the vessel “Maren Maersk”

Irina, what surprised you most of all on the vessel?

I’ve joined vessels two times already: for one month in Europe and in Asia. Most of all I was surprised by the tour on “Maren Maersk”, “Majestic Maersk” and life in confined space. I was lucky enough to be on board the vessel during Christmas. The holiday was celebrated with a lot of fun, Christmas tree, gifts and festive dinner. Wives can and even should go on board and not to be afraid, because a vessel has all the conditions for your comfortable stay. But it is Galdina Olga in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia advisable to take a few interesting books, while your husband performs his duties. And if you feel a bit bored there is a gym and cinema on board a vessel, you can sunbathe when the weather is good and even swim in the pool. When a vessel is in port you can see new cities and sights. "Family sailing" - is a wonderful opportunity not only to be with someone you love, but also to understand his occupation.

Maria Verson in port Le Havre, France

As well as Irina and Olga - Maria, wife of 2/E Kostyantyn Verson, took part in “Family Sailing” program. She visited “Gjertrud Maersk” in April 2014.

Maria, do you plan to have such trip again?

Of course, I think such trips are very useful; I started to understand my husband's love for sea, my presence has a positive effect on his mood and performance because part of home comes with me!
About this program Yana Levytska, wife of C/O Levytskyy Volodymyr is sharing her impressions.

What do you think, how reasonable this practice for the seafarers is?

Yana and Volodymyr on the vessel “Adrian Maersk”

I think that this possibility is invaluable for seafarers and their families. Seafarers make their choice in favor of the profession before they meet their spouses in life and wives usually should agree with their choice if they want to be together. Therefore, I believe that this program gives a lot to the families and increases work efficiency of seafarers.
This is only small part of the feedback and impressions our Manning Office received from the families who participated in this wonderful program supported by the Company! Irina

Madison Maersk – meeting with spanless marvel

By Olga Antonenko, Maersk Crewing Ukraine, October, 2014
What was your feeling when you saw for the first time the Eiffel tower or the highest skyscraper in the world, or the biggest constructions which have ever been made? Imagine that one of these constructions moves about 35 km per hour and not only moves but carries about 18000 twenty-foot containers of total weight of about of 165 000 metric tons. This is one of the world’s largest container vessels, member of Maersk Triple-E class vessels family - Madison Maersk - so-called “the giant of the seas” under operation of the Captain Poul Pedersen and a team of 23 people. This Vessel is made of steel with 399 m length, 59 m beam and height of about 70 meters. My journey began in Algeciras, Spain where on 21 October, 2014 I was given an amazing opportunity to embark on Madison Maersk. Frankly speaking, when I first saw this Lady it was so impressed that held my breath for a few seconds.

3/E Jaya Kollu, 2/E Oleksandr Gaponov, Olga Antonenko, 4/E Mikkel Jacobsen

I was met by Able Seaman Mark Igot, who welcomed me onboard. Then Third Officer Daniel Tolley saw off to Deck Office where I acquainted with Chief Officer Lone Mathiasen – an intelligent and broad-minded person. Third Officer Daniel Tolley instructed me regarding safety requirements, introduced the main facilities of the vessel including lifejackets stores, lifeboats and fire alarms, familiarized with Madison Maersk and we signed checklists. A bit later I was invited by Captain Poul Pedersen, we had a familiarizing conversation and Master looked through my medical certificates and other necessary documents.

Olga Antonenko and 2/O Roman Korolenko

Then I had 4 unforgettable days. First of all Second Engineer Oleksandr Gaponov gave me necessary equipment – boiler suit, safety shoes, helmet and gloves and conducted to the Engine Room, as he said to ’’The heart of the Vessel’’. He described the scope of work, general duties and responsibilities of engine officers. After I had a cognitive excursion with Forth Engineer Mikkel Jacobsen in the Engine Room: he showed me all main mechanisms, including large, 43000 HP power, Internal Combustion Engine with consumption of about 130 metric tons of IFO (intermediate fuel oil) per day which force to move Madison Maersk with high speed by using 2 propellers, each is about 10 meters in diameter.

Crew members of Madison Maersk

Chief Officer Lone Mathiasen and Second Officer Roman Korolenko guided me through the Bridge, and explained radar and electronic charts, navigational system. It was useful to know that paper charts are still the main navigational resource. To know better watch keeping practice of Deck Officers I decided to join Second Officer Roman Korolenko during his watch keeping.

With assistance of Seaman Mark Igot and Electrical Engineer Ariel Cabral I passed through the Vessel on the Deck at their working hours. During the visit to the Galley Chief Cook Danilo Cayme showed me his working place and Steward Andres Pagaduan guided me through Hot, Cold Galley and described Utility Division.
It comes as no surprise that all crew is like one big family as they have such ‘’householder’’ – Captain Poul Pedersen. He is very active and there is no time when he doesn’t work or help the crew to resolve different issues, taking into account that he is Master of one of the largest vessel in the world with huge responsibility on his shoulders during 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. I was surprised that for leisure there are a lot of places: library, cinema room, gym, swimming pool for warm seasons and WIFI internet in order to be always in touch with the family.

Also I had a chance to see the work of the Pilot while Madison Maersk was calling into Rotterdam, the Netherlands. It should be noted, despite of a big size of the Vessel, mooring operation looked like a dance of the powerful tugs which easy turned the Vessel around on 180 degrees and pushed to pier line like a feather. It was time for me to leave the wonderful Madison Maersk with unforgettable memories about one of the greatest voyage.

On the Bridge during the pilot’s work C/O Lone Mathiasen and CPT Poul Pedersen

In the end I would like to thank our Company for such a great opportunity to know and understand more vessel operations and all crew for new knowledge, for their time and attention and for love to their hard work in unusual conditions. This is a priceless learning experience for me and proves once more that sea staff and shore staff is One Team!

Photo Contest “My Maersk” discovers new talents and brings inspiration

By Dariia Berestok, Maersk Crewing Ukraine
Beauty is always around us, but it is not so easy to find a moment to see and feel it. Furthermore it is great talent to show this beauty to other people and inspire them.

We are very happy to find out, that our seafarers are such talented and creative people. When we proposed to our crew photo contest “My Maersk” in spring 2014, we didn’t even imagine, how much pleasure and joy it would bring us.

We received a lot of interesting and original photos during the period of Contest, and wondered how creative they are. We are very happy, that our seafarers shared with us their works of art, experience and inspiration, as it gives us feeling to be part of huge and friendly Maersk family and proud of having such talented colleagues.

All photos are doubtless masterpieces, so it was very difficult for us to choose winners. We decided to be impartial and arranged secret voting for each photo.

Some photos were funny and made us smile; the other ones were serious, with philosophic meaning, and let us look into seafarers’ inward life. It is very pleasant to see, that every photo express love and passion to sea job. Even during performance of daily tasks, which sometimes can be hard or routine, seamen don’t lose their unique vision of beauty around them.

Seafarers have great experience of travelling around the world and working in marine sphere, so it is very interesting and exciting experience to share. We hope that thanks to this contest we understand seafarers’ feeling and atmosphere of workdays better. We hope, that sharing of such experience let us widen horizon and realize proud of being part of Maersk Group.

We would like to announce results of our Photo Contest "My Maersk" and thank all participants for their beautiful photos.

1st prize – 2/E Minka Andriy and his photo “Maersk Ahead!”

2/E Minka Andriy rewarded with present by MCU staff

2nd prize – C/O Karetnikov Yaroslav and his photo “Panorama Bridge View”

C/O Karetnikov Yaroslav with MCU staff during awarding

3rd prize – C/O Androsenko Vadym and his photo “Huge and Small”

C/O Androsenko rewarded in MCU office

Special prize – 2/E Gaponov Oleksandr and his photo

2/E Gaponov Oleksandr with MCU staff

Special prize – 2/O Poshutylo Sergiy and his photo “Maersk Ukraine”

We hope to keep discovering our seafarers’ skills and talents in future!

Born under Maersk lucky star

By Olga Antonenko, Maersk Crewing Ukraine, March 2014
Birth of a child perhaps the most magical and meaningful moment in the life of a person. As statistics shows, the beginning of the 21st century was marked by baby boom in the world. This fact justifies the birth of a large number of children in families of the Ukrainian seafarers.

In this regard, Maersk Crewing Ukraine has become the founder of a recent tradition – to congratulate each family with appearance of a new member.
Our action is named «Born under the lucky star» and originates from the beginning of 2013 year. Every child receives a gift of a stuffed toy with inscription and logo of the company. During this time 39 babies come into the world.

We would like to congratulate all young parents and share joy, sense of wonder of new life birth.

Let each child grows healthy and happy under a peaceful sky and lucky star!

Share your success with others! 2nd Engineer Pavlo Timkin has been promoted to Chief Engineer rank recently and agreed to give an interview to the local newspaper “Sea Worker” under the topic “Promotion”.

“Being a Chief Engineer is all about balancing out”
Pavlo Timkin, Chief Engineer, MAERSK LINE:

What made you become a seaman?
This profession is quite popular in the southern parts of our country. This is especially true about my hometown – Sevastopol. First, I thought of joining the navy, but shortly before I graduated from the high school, I had changed my mind and went to the Sevastopol National Technical University. I have been in the commercial fleet for 16 years. So, now I am a 39-year old chief engineer.

What was your career path in the commercial fleet?
Since I had majored in Marine Refrigerating Plant Operation, right after my graduation I started off as a refrigeration engineer working on harvesting vessels and carry-away boats. However, the job was gradually losing its significance and popularity in the water transportation market. So, I decided to go back to my University and major in Marine Power Plant Operation to become an engineer.

What does it feel like to be in this new role?
The fact that I am a chief engineer does not only evidence the company’s recognition of my skills and personal qualities. First of all, it is a sign of trust which I still have to justify. During my first days in this role, I took advantage of the handover period to get used to my new duties and learn from the current engineer who shared his experience with me.

What helped you to overcome the anxiety of holding a new position?
The perfect way to cure that anxiety was to stick to my daily duties. Certainly, it took me a while to adapt, but I don’t think I was having a hard time.

What are the main duties of a chief engineer?
This job is all about balancing out the administrative and practical tasks the chief engineer is responsible for. Besides, as a team leader the chief engineer should be able to maintain favorable job climate within his team. Since 2006, I have been working aboard container carriers. Short stops in ports and time-limited maintenance and repairs of machines are the specifics an engineer aboard such vessels has to cope with.

How long have you worked in MAERSK?
I was employed as a second engineering officer back in 2012. When applying for that job I was attracted by multiple vessels, both new and under construction, incorporating state-of-the-art technology. MAERSK LINE is the container market leader able to influence the market and define its development prospects.

What is your technique to upgrade your professional skills?
I can always learn something practical or otherwise benefit from working with technical support engineers or other officers of our company. That is my way to obtain certain skills, find more about the general approach to workflow management, emergency behavior or shaping relations within the crew. There is always someone you can learn from.

What qualities are valued by employers these days?
A seaman is valued for being self-disciplined. He should personally schedule his work hours and take advantage of his leisure time. Hence, disorderly people can hardly become professional seamen and make any career progress. Regardless of the rank, employers normally value decent and reliable seamen having professional attitude towards their duties and able be on friendly terms with the crew. Since many seamen have to work in multinational crews I would recommend them dedicate some time to look into history, culture and traditions of their colleagues.

What advice would you give to fresh graduates of marine colleges?
I would wish those young experts to be perseverant and confident in their abilities and also have some solid knowledge and experience underlying their reasonable ambitions.

How do you picture your future in this industry?
I am definitely planning to pursue some professional development to add to my knowledge and skills. And then I will see what else the future holds for me.

Maersk Crewing Ukraine's Visit to the Orphanage

Maersk Crewing Ukraine, 2014
Maersk Crewing Ukraine Team and some of the seafarers who work on Maersk Group fleet paid a visit to the boarding school in Andreyevo-Ivanovka Village, Odessa region to arrange the company's third charitable event on the 21st of March. Usually we try to find orphanages and boarding schools which are located far beyond Odessa, need funds and are somewhat neglected by sponsors.

This time, we visited the boarding school in Andreyevo-Ivanovka housing 86 children aged 6 to 18. Most of them came from dysfunctional families lacking parental care or being rejected by their guardians. Some of those kids lost their families and became orphans. Since 2000, the school has been accommodated in the former Pioneer camp. According to the Principal of the school previously the kids had to live practically outside the civilization in places like countryside hostels with no bathrooms. Whereas, nowadays, the school in nestled in a magnificent place surrounded by a small forest. “We help these kids with their studies; try to arrange college education which complies with their abilities. Some of them opt to pursue a career in cooking, others are willing to become teachers”, the Principal says.

The school was eager to meet us. The children staged a special welcome show for guests.
They were nice and sociable, especially after the Plop-Plop Fun Show which clown team from Odessa prepared.
Another memorable point was how open, kind and friendly the teachers were to their students.

To select an orphanage we consider the opinion and advice of charitable trusts which continuously handle similar activities. Normally, they can specify an orphanage which needs help more than the others or a boarding school where the benefits will go directly to children. The government can only provide limited support for such institutions; therefore, they have to rely on good people offering some help.
Our seafarers were closely involved in raising funds, collecting clothes, bring toys, stationery, games, personal care products and some other daily necessities and taking trips to boarding schools. Hence, the company’s initiative is now a true tradition. These charitable events occur regularly – twice a year. With the seafarers involved the events now feature large-scale participation. While working on the very first event we did not even expect to have so many volunteers ready to do something good and definitely are planning to continue this initiation.

New Year’s Gift from Maersk

Maersk Crewing Ukraine, Jan 2014
They say the beginning of the year sets the tone of its run. Maersk Crewing Ukraine has a tradition of holding New Year’s events for seafarers and their families. The guests invited to an incredible puppet show gathered at the newly renovated Odessa Puppet Theater on the 3rd of January 2014. Every year we try to surprise the seafarers and their kids aiming to give them joy and positive emotions. All children, both obedient and naughty, received their gifts.

Odessa Puppet Theater

New Year’s shows for the children of the seafarers working with the company are held each year. More and more seafarers and their families are taking part in these events. We gathered more than 200 people, half of them being children. Each of them had his or her share of positive emotions from the puppet show, as well as a piece of the sweet New Year’s pie. This year, the New Year’s event gathered people from several regions of our country. Seafarers, together with their families, came from Lugansk and the Crimea to Odessa to join the company’s event. A little boy named Nikita visited such show for the first time. “I saw a wonderful and exciting show. I want to be back next year. I am so glad I came to Odessa”, the young spectator said.

Nikita Savchenko

The best confirmations of the show’s success are the happy faces of the kids and their parents. “Maersk always cares for its employees. For the first time I attend such family event organized by the company, and I’d like to express my deepest gratitude to all company’s employees who took care of my family’s leisure time”, said 3rd Engineer Ruslan Malakhov, one of the guests of the New Year’s show.

3/E Ruslan Malakhov with his family

3rd Engineer Sergey Nesposudny, who regularly visits Maersk family events, shared his emotions: “I like the show, and as to my kids, they absolutely love it. The puppet theater was a great idea. I like the fact that each year the organizers do their best to make the event a unique one. One can feel a creative approach to the event’s formation”. Anna, his daughter, agrees with her father: “It was fun and exciting. It’s my first visit to the puppet theater and I liked it very much.

3/E Sergiy Nesposudny with his family

3rd Engineer Yury Danilevych, who has joined Maersk recently, visited the New Year’s event for the first time. He brought his little son Oleg with him; the boy’s eyes beamed with pleasure. “It is good to feel the attention to the seafarers and their families. I wish the company further development, and we, its employees, will develop together with the company’, the seafarer said sincerely.

3/E Yuriy Danilevych with his family

This New Year’s family event opened an opportunity for the seafarers both to entertain their kids and to meet other seafarers and their families, to establish friendship and professional contacts.
Maersk Crewing Ukraine wishes all colleagues, seafarers and their families prosperous 2014 year, full of pleasant events and safe work on board!

Maersk Crewing Ukraine staff

Great rest for all together

Tatyana Verbanova, Nov 2013
Autumn is in full play. Orange, gold and amber colors, scent of fire brings us many ideas every year. This year the autumn’s inspiration led us to a beautiful and fairy place where exotic and unusual birds live - Camel-birds, or ostriches in other words. Large wingless birds which are natively from Africa have their nice home in Ukraine. The Nikolayev Agricultural complex named “Kremenostrich” might be named also as a “contact” zoo because everybody here has a possibility to feed and stroke the animals such as monkeys, deer, coatis and many other animals and birds.

We decided to use this good opportunity and invite all our seafarers, being on leave, with their families to spend one weekend day all together.
< The excursion gave the seafarers the possibility to meet their friends, communicate with their families and office employees. Separately from the ostrich cotes there is an enclosed rest area. This is a landscape space with an artificial lake, summer houses and children’s’ playgrounds which was very popular among our guests.
We took part in many other activities such as tug-of-war, familiarization with the ironmongery and others. A ride on horse-drawn carriages in these beauty spots was an unforgettable adventure.

Tea from an antique samovar, home-made cookies, honey and all these nice moments that autumn gave us made the time we spent together so wonderful. These colorful emotions united grownups and kids before the black and white winter coming.

Vessel Trip to m/v Estelle Maersk

Dariia Berestok, Nov 2013
On the one hand, life of seafarers is often imagined as romantic trip through the world. On the other hand, it is also known fact, that it is complicated job because of long-term absence at home. But it’s hard to describe seafarer’s feelings before you feel it by your own.
I was granted with unique chance to sea vessel from inside and to live few days like seafarer. My so called “assignment” was on the vessel “Estelle Maersk”, one of the biggest vessels in the world, E-class container ship under Danish flag.
Port of my embarkation was Gothenburg, Sweden. Arriving to Gothenburg airport I was met by the Agent and informed, that vessel had departed from Gothenburg without me. This last minute change in vessel’s schedule put some corrections to my vessel trip, but also it was helped to feel all difficulties of seafarers’ embarkation process.
Finally I signed on in port of Bremerhaven, important and busy port of Germany.

First my impression from the vessel was made by her size, as she was really huge. There was a real city, where I was afraid to get lost without a map. Chief Officer Thomas Hoppe encouraged me that I should go to the Deck Office in any situation. He gave me all necessary equipment for excursion though the vessel – boiler suit, safety shoes, helmet and gloves to follow safety rules. Then Second Officer Mark Baraoidan familiarized me with Estelle Maersk. We visited all parts of vessel and I was informed about main rules and policies of the sea life, then we signed some check lists. “A lot of paper work, - smiled Second Officer - but it is very important for safety purposes”.

Second Engineer Taras Faychuk and Chief Engineer Lars Josephsen guided me through Engine Room and told about its facilities, described main responsibilities of engine officers and gave me an opportunity to see technical part of Estelle Maersk. It was very interesting to see Engine Room inside to understand how it is hard to operate with so huge engine.

Then Captain told me, that I should see the most important part of the vessel. Surprisingly it was the Galley. Chief Steward Jesper Eli Hohlmann showed me his working place, described equipment and variety of dishes served onboard. Also he told the main secret how to make everyone happy and satisfied, “I ‘m just trying to take into consideration everyone’s interest and culture character, as it is important for our seafarers to feel themselves like at home here” – he said. That’s why Captain joked, that there are two main positions on board – Captain and Chief Steward.
Also I had a chance to see how provision was delivered. As Christmas time is coming, Chief Steward had already ordered Christmas cookies, colored napkins and other useful things to make warm and unforgettable atmosphere of magic holiday for everyone.

Second Officer Mark Baraoidan and Third Officer Per Anders Wellberg guided me through the Bridge. They explained me radar and electronic charts and navigational system. During our departure from the port of Bremerhaven it seemed so easy to navigate Estelle Maersk, however it was a result of knowledge and diligent work of all crew. Third Officer joked, that to navigate a vessel is very easy, it is like to drive a huge car, there are also traffic rules and unpredictable drivers on the road.

While Estelle was calling to the port of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, I got opportunity to see how Pilot performed his duties. It was the early morning and it was beautiful view of the dawn and lights of port from the Bridge. We were lucky to see the biggest vessel in the world – m/v Mc-Kinney Maersk, sailing from the port of Rotterdam in few hundred meters from us.

The last day Captain told me about his duties and his career in the Company. He had joined Maersk Line as a Deck Cadet and last year celebrated his 40-years anniversary. “I’m responsible for all, but my job is to delegate responsibilities with wisdom and to control their performing” – Captain smiled. This vessel trip was unforgettable experience for me!
I would like to thank to the Company for this great chance and to all crew of m/v Estelle Maersk for their hospitality and great familiarization, given to me. With heartfelt gratitude I wish to all of you success in your work and all the best!

Seafarers’ Children present their masterpieces to Maersk Crewing Ukraine

Dariia Berestok, 15.10.2013
Summer holidays are the best time for children and they look forward to this period the whole year. It is also a great opportunity for parents to spend more time with their children. This year Maersk Crewing Ukraine proposed new activity to vary children’s leisure time and to help to show their worth. In this respect Creative Contest was initiated for all seafarers' children, called “My father works in Maersk”.

We propose to children to show their creativity with painting, writing poems or prose, embroidering etc.
All participants were rewarded with small present from Maersk Crewing Ukraine. We were surprised with such beautiful work of arts, which we received from children of different age. The most important and impressive discovery for us was unity of whole family in process of creating works for contest. Nothing can be better than time, which parents spend together with their children, teaching them something new and having fun while creating something by their own hands.
We saw seafarers’ life through children’ eyes and find out magic world with new colors. Children showed their knowledge about the Company, and first of all, their love and being proud of their fathers.

Our office became an Art Gallery during the period of contest and all children’ works fulfill our hearts with kindness, warm and tender emotions. We received 49 children’ works of art, so it was very hard to chose winners, as every work of art was unique and interesting, as children show their imagination and own understanding of seafarer’s life. We tried to take into consideration age of authors, complication and innovation of their works.

And the winners in different age groups are:

Among the children at the age of 3-6 years old:
1st prize – Zinchenko Nikita (5 years old)
2nd prize – Petrachkova Sofia (5 years old)
3rd prize – Galdin Igor (3 years old)
Among the children at the age of 7-9 years old:
1st prize – Lomovoy Kirill (8 years old)
2nd prize – Basarab Katerina (8 years old)
3rd prize – Androsenko Vladyslav (9 years old)
Among the children at the age of 10-12 years old:
1st prize – Bespalko Angelika (11 years old)
2nd prize – Golubova Dariya (11 years old)
3rd prize – Liubimenko Ekaterina (12years old)

Our winners were rewarded with special gifts from Maersk: LEGO constructors and school bags. We hope our contest and presents will help children in their further studying and developing of creativity.

We would like to thank everyone for their talented and creative works and congratulate our seafarers with their children’ success in art. We wish your families happiness and prosperity!


Tatyana Verbanova, August,2013
Having 2.5 years experience in Maersk Crewing Company in Ukraine, my curiosity and expectation of the Familiarization trip has been raised until the day I arrived on the ship Maersk Lirquen in Rotterdam Port on August 22, 2013.
The knowledge and experience gained during this period of 4 days (August 22-25) are to be best remembered thanks to friendly attitude and professionalism of Maersk vessel staff. The acquaintance with the staff on board and the introduction to the operations of the vessel were of great importance for me. I saw so many things I have just heard or read and this was unforgettable feeling for me.
The vessel I have visited was Maersk Lirquen running between South America and Europe. Maersk Lirquen is a 7450 container vessel, capable of carrying 1704 units of refer containers and registered under the HONG KONG flag.

The period of 4 days of staying on board was not so short but at the same time it is not enough to understand the complicated and complex onboard operations, nevertheless the knowledge gained will be very helpful for better job performance and professional advancement and the experience is indispensable.
During my Vessel trip I familiarized myself with the Ship Specifications – Dimensions, Tonnage, Power, Speed, Crew and Engine Environment. I’ve got acquainted with Fire Fighting, Fire Detections, the types of Fire Fighting Equipments, Watertight doors and Ship`s Signals. An important knowledge was received from vessel staff. On the first day C/O Rayson Steven Lewis and 2/O Cheng Hao Chong showed me bridge navigational duties and how Deck Officers carry out a navigational watch. 3/O Joshi Mayank gave me a safety familiarization tour on board and explained his duties and responsibilities. Next day I was invited to the Engine Room, where Ukrainian 2/E Pavlo Timkin and C/E Kuijt Dick Jan arranged an introduction to the Engine Control Room and described the machinery, mail components and daily maintenance. Further during my stay I learned Computer System on board the vessel and how the Officers utilize capacity planning/management, Control Process from the deck office of the loading and uploading of containers. It was also very interesting for me to see the Pilot`s job function and the agency operations including the discharge of goods at port. Chief Cook Tamparong Sam described how the Galey managed, the cost and stock controlled. I also joined C/C in preparing the dinner in the Galley my last day on board.

For me, the most relevant part of my Vessel tour I see is in communication with Vessel staff regarding the Manning Offices, feedback and the ways of improvement of common operational work. Despite the Captain of Maersk Lirquen Van Doorn Ronald Cornelis had a lot of work he found time to explain about the management onboard. It should be noted that in May this year Captain celebrated his Jubilee 25 years of work with Maersk Company.
I would like to use the opportunity to thank the Company and the vessel staff for this great experience and useful knowledge for me, which will be important in my future job in Maersk Company.

Doing Good Together

“To believe in good one should begin doing it” – probably these words should be a life slogan for everybody. We all hope and want to believe in good and, fortunately, many of us at the same time try to do as many good things as possible. Maersk Crewing Ukraine is proud to have organized its second charitable action. The idea of carrying out such events arose at the end of the last year and was supported with enthusiasm by the seafarers working in the company. The last year’s charitable action was timed to the Saint Nicholas Day 2012; we announced raising help for orphan children for a remote boarding school in the Odessa region, which accommodates 89 children at the age of 6-18 years. Certainly, the orphan children originating mostly from remote villages, were waiting for the celebration and gifts in awe. Thanks to the contribution and assistance of the seafarers, each child of the orphanage received a package with multiple gifts; the local Charity Fund also helped to make a sweet buffet and an entertainment show for the kids.

Another charitable event was carried out in July 2013 - the company staff and volunteering seafarers visited another Boarding School in the Odessa region.

This orphanage accommodates 135 girls at the age of 3-18 years suffering from infantile cerebral paralysis, Down’s syndrome and serious abnormalities of sight and hearing. More than 130 people work there not sparing themselves because each child needs individual 24- hour care.

During the two months this charitable action lasted the seafarers managed to raise a huge quantity of toys, clothes, stationary, entertaining and developing games, means of personal hygiene and other things necessary to children in everyday life. Also badly needed equipment was purchased with the sums subscribed by seafarers and diverted by the company. The greatest joy, however, for children with such severe diseases is making new acquaintances, receiving friendly smiles, words of support, and a bit of human affection.

The visits and comforting words, the hugs and smiles are sunshine for disabled children. That’s why one of Odessa’s clown teams carried out an entertaining program.

We would like to express our gratitude to all the seafarers and their families who participated in this event, for the sympathy and concern for the fates of other children. The Company is planning to organize the third charitable action “Let’s Make a Festivity for Children” in 2014. It is pleasant that good deeds are becoming a tradition for the company.

Maersk Crewing Ukraine believes in fairytales

Iryna Popkova, 04.01.2013
It is so easy to believe in miracle during New Year & Christmas holidays. All around remind us about celebrations: snow at the streets, light frost in the air, dressed show- windows and smiling people walking around. Maersk Crewing Ukraine team decided to share holiday’s feelings with seafarers and invited their families to join Children New Year show, which however already became a good tradition since the last year.

On the 04th of January we were happy to meet our crew with their families in Odessa Cultural Centre. We got together around 150 guests even from other cities as Nikolayev, Kherson, Izmail, Berdyansk and Sevastopol. The silence was broken by the laugh of 65 children who were dressed in the costumes of their favorite heroes. You could meet beautiful princess, a little ballerina, tender snowflake, brave knight, gray wolf, funny snowman. They were running around beautiful New Year tree looking forward to meeting Father Frost with Snow Maiden, getting New Year presents and new impressions.

Once all guests arrived, the old good tale became true. From the far north Father Frost and Snow Maiden arrived to congratulate children and their parents. They entertained children with funny competitions, round dancing and winter puzzles. Amusing clowns assisted them to keep smiles on children's faces. With help of all children the New Year tree lit up with colorful lights and all guests were invited to see and feel the world of circus. One by one on festive scene appeared strong acrobats, clever jugglers and tricky magician. Small dogs, long python and white pigeons caused the greatest excitement showing amazing tricks by sparking applause of small guests. Funny clowns accompanied all events on the scene with kind jokes and funny comments. After the show all children got a sweet present, tasted great Maersk cake and made photos with Father Frost, Snow Maiden and small puppy dressed in New Year costume.

While the children played and made new friends, their parents had an opportunity to meet their colleagues and discuss the challenges, achievements of the past year, set goals and objectives for the next year or just talk in an informal atmosphere tasting nice food and drinks served at the buffet.
The evening came to its end and our guests were leaving us with smiles on their faces and good impressions in hearts. In order to keep all children happy, Father Frost sent a sweet presents to those children who could not attend the event. We hope it was a great start of the New Year, which will pass under a lucky Maersk Star.

Bring the holiday to children

Nina Zhyltsova, 19.12.2012
"Bring the holiday to children" December the 19th is Saint Mykola Day in Ukraine. The main tradition of this holiday is to give presents to the kids like kind-hearted archbishop Mykola, patron of seafarers and children, did many years ago. This year Maersk Crewing Ukraine with support of charity foundation “Pchelka” decided to run an event called "Bring the holiday to children". The aim of the event was to gather aid of any kind for orphan kids from Odessa’s regional orphanage and to make them, as much as it is in our strength, feel the holidays’ spirit.

In a month prior the holiday a message was sent to all the seafarers of our Manning office with an appeal to bring us any material help or anything that can be given to children. A charity-box was installed in our office and a bank account for financial help was opened for this purpose.
Starting this we could not even imagine what a powerful response this event will find in hearts of our seafarers! We received numerous packs of clothes, books, toys, sport goods, stationery, sweets and also funds which were spend to buy more needful things.

Finally on 20th of December our team together with volunteers from our crew - Oleksandr Gaponov (ML), Igor Filinyuk (MSS) and Anton Perederey (MT), we proceeded to the distant village Tuzly, Odessa region, where the Tuzly Internat-school for orphan children is situated. After New Year’s performance each and every of 88 kids of the orphanage received a bag with presents and then sweets, fruits and juices were shared between school groups. And priceless was to see so many smiles and children’s happy faces!

From side of Maersk Crewing Ukraine we want to express our deepest gratitude to all those who were so kind and generous to participate in the event!

Sea trip of the crew administrator or 5 days of sailing with Evelyn Maersk

Nina Zhyltsova, November 2012
Usually our day to day work is more connected with mailings, phone calls, documents and mostly spent in the office. We hear exciting stories from our seafarers or read them in the news, but barely could imagine how this must be - to live and to work in the sea. This November I was given an absolutely unique opportunity during 5 days to see with my own eyes and to feel the real life of the real seafarers. For this purpose I chose Evelyn Maersk - one of the younger sisters of legendary Emma Maersk. Evelyn was launched at Odense Steel Shipyard on 3rd of March 2007. Being 398 m length, 56 m breadth, E-class vessels remain the biggest of existing ships in the world.

Day 1. Safety first.
I signed on in port of Gothenburg, Sweden. First of all I was given a PPE - boiler suit, safety shoes, gloves, head and ears protection. There is a special matrix which states for what jobs and operations what PPE must be used or recomended to be used. After that I passed familiarization with safety requirements and Cadet Jacob Borre introduced me the main facilities of the vessel including lifeboats, life jackets stores and fire alarms. "Safety first"- it should not be only a motto. This must be taken as part of all the processes of life onboard. After all the formalities passed I was taken to my cabin “Spare B” to have a rest.

Day 2. Full back to Aarhus.
A call woke me up at 4 am. Evelyn Maersk was leaving Gothenburg and I was invited to watch this from the navigation bridge. Pilots were on the bridge to lead huge ship to the open water. From the lightless bridge it seems that vessel is totally blind in the night sea. But the haven is full of beacons, some of which are unblinking and some change their color depending on the viewing angle. As I was told by Chief Officer Anders Hedegaard radar and electronic charts are used of course, but paper charts are still the basic navigational resource. After Gothenburg the vessel supposed to go to Bremerhaven. But due to strike of workers in Aarhus, no operations were made. So we were forced to go back to Denmark. And we needed to do it as fast as possible in order to overtake our schedule. Flying with the speed of 22 knots, which is maximum for ship of our size in this depth, Evelyn Maersk arrived Aarhus already in the afternoon.

Later this day Captain Flemming Kjaer told me that during their previous stay in Aarhus Evelyn was visited by her godmother - Mrs. Bert Jensen and Mr. A.P. Moller's grandson. Aarhus met us with foggy weather. The agent came up onboard and Captain Flemming should spend some time to sign the papers, which are, as he jokingly said, the main Captain's duty onboard. Captain Flemming works in Maersk since 1993 and his latest vessels are E-class.

Day 3. The Heart of the ship.
We left Aarhus in the late night and made our way to Bremerhaven. Second Engineer Henning Nielsen became my guide through the facilities of the Engine room. We started from Control room were I learned that all operations on Evelyn Maersk are highly computerised and carried out mostly by means of the computer programms. Second Engineer told me that recently they had an issue with the computer system in Hong Kong and could not start the main engine for two days! Together with Henning we followed to the Main Engine. The vessel is equiped by 14-cylinder diesel engine with around 110000 HP. Then we walked along enourmous 100 m long propeller shaft and over the work shop with of countless shelves of spare details into the passage which comes along the ship. This passage gives a good idea about how huge Evelyn Maersk is. At the dinner Captain asked me if the excursion was interesting. "Sure! - I said - I saw the heart of the ship!" "Nina! - said Captain Flemming severely. - The Heart of the ship is here." And he pointed on Chief Steward.

Day 4. Unusual cargo.
After lunch time Second Officer Dmytro Frolkov told me about his duties and his life on board. "I do not understand people who say that they are on their jobs like in prison. If you feel bad about your job - so why don't you just leave it?” Dmytro is employed in Maersk Company for already 4 years and totally happy with his work. "Maybe just will ask the possibility to change the line a bit - let me say, to Australia," – he smiles.

Later in the evening Chief Steward Per Larsen showed me the Galley. He eagerly told me about the electric oven which is fit to cook almost any kind of meal – meat, cereals, soups, deserts and even bread. We followed to the cold galley where the short-lived products are kept and checked the storage for the canned goods. Per told me that he follows the healthy nutrition principles and he always adds plenty of fruits and vegetables in everyday menu. Per started his preparations for dinner as Chief Officer Anders entered the galley and asked me to follow him. It was found out that we were loading some unusual cargo! When I and Anders reached our destination on the deck, two huge propellers were already fixed on the tops of the containers. I asked german workers, who set the propellers, what are they designed for, and they told me that it was for yachts or launch boats. This happens quite rarely, but container ships can carry not only dry containers and reefers. Little change of scenery required, so in a small company with Dmytro, Jacob and Electrician Nestor Ignacio De Guzman we left the ship for a while to spend few hours in a Bremerhaven's Shipsclub drinking soft drinks and telling stories about the life of seafarers and crew managers.

Day 5. Good bye, Evelyn!
By night’s berthing in Rotterdam in the morning it was time for me to leave beautiful Evelyn Maersk. Running up and down the stairs, I could not find all the crew to say "goodbye". So I left the vessel after I called Captain Flemming by phone from the deck office. Greatest thanks to all the crew for such a heartly welcome! Have a safe sailing, Evelyn Maersk!

Maersk Crewing Ukraine 5th anniversary

Nina Zhyltsova, 03.09.2012

This September Maersk Crewing Ukraine happily celebrates 5th anniversary of it's foundation. Maersk Crewing Ukraine was born in 2007 by separating from Maersk Line Ukraine into a legal entity, providing crewing services to seafarers all over Ukraine with 3 persons in staff. During these 5 years our company grew to have staff of 7 persons and more than 650 seafarers in the permanent pool. Some words about foundation and important milestones of history of the company shared with us Head of Maersk Crewing Ukraine Anna Bereslavskaya who was one of the founders and inspirers of the company.

How did it feel when you just started Maersk Crewing Ukraine? Was it full of hardships or just thrilling?

- It was both, hard and thrilling at the same time. A lot of formalities were required to be arranged in advance and when we opened our doors on the 3rd of September all the hardships were over. At least we thought so.:)

Can you remember your first working day in Maersk Crewing Ukraine?

- It was a long day full of visitors, wondering how Maersk office looks like. And it is very pleasant to meet the same Officers who visited us on the first day still working in our Company, but in another rank.

Was it difficult to find staff to work in the company?

- 99% of any Company’s success is intelligent, hard-working staff and 1% of luck. It is a challenge to set a strong team and requires extra efforts, which Maersk Crewing Ukraine had experienced as well. Now we are lucky to have a strong and reliable team in our office.

How many seafarers were in the pool for the first year and today?

- We started with 120 Ukrainian crew in the pool. August 2012 we closed with more than 400 Ukrainian crew and more than 250 Russian crew.

Maersk Crewing Ukraine actively works not only with Ukrainian, but with Russian seafarers as well. When was it started? Do you plan to draw more Russian crewing companies to work with?

- Responsibility for Russian area was transferred to us from January 2010. We co-operate with two 3rd party Russian agencies, which is sufficient for our needs.

And how do see the nearest future of Maersk Crewing Ukraine?

- Would like to see Maersk Crewing Ukraine growing, reaching new horizons, developing local market, recruiting more Officers for Maersk Line, Maersk Tankers and Maersk Supply Service fleet. Expanding our services to more business units of APMM Group, for example, Maersk Drilling, Maersk FPSOS, Maersk Oil.

Team of Maersk Crewing Ukraine turned out to be too busy to have a huge celebration, but of course we will have it within our small family and congratulate each other with this day. Let's sing "Happy Birthday" to Maersk Crewing Ukraine and wish the company other years of prosperous and successful work!!

The Secret of Safmarine Kariba

Nina Zhyltsova, 05.04.2012
In the same middle of Spring team of Maersk Crewing Ukraine finally managed to visit m/v Safmarine Kariba, which was calling port of Odessa. Last time planned winter visit was cancelled as vessel could not berth due to frozen sea. This time the weather was just perfect!

M/v Safmarine Kariba accommodated four Ukrainians - Chief Engineer Vladyslav Tselik, Second Engineer Volodymyr Sobchak, Second Officer Erik Gizatulin and Electrical Engineer Sergii Skuratovskyi and all of them are from Maersk Crewing Ukraine office. Also Third Engineer is from Russian office. In our office Safmarine Kariba earned a name "The Dream Ship" and known as magically attractive vessel for Ukrainian crew, because each and every seafarer who had ever been there, have had a desire to return. So our purpose became to find out The Secret of Kariba! After having a discussion, our team decided not to go to visit with empty hands and to present crew of the ship an original cake made in shape of Safmarine Kariba with board of cream, chocolate bridge and sweet containers.

As we arrived and came up on board, Third Officer Kenneth Magee courteously met us to lead in a tour to the main facilities of the ship. The former ship's agent in Felixstowe he himself started career in Maersk from a Cadet position and now he is on his positive way to be promoted to Second Officer. For a start Third Officer Kenneth showed us a room with lifejackets and a lifeboat which can place 36 persons and claimed as there are 26 persons onboard it is quite enough in case of emergency evacuation. Safety onboard is always first! In the rest room we found a fancy black electric guitar and an electronic drum set! This proved Safmarine Kariba to be the genuine British ship, as Britain is well-known for it's tradition of world's most famous ro